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SeXplosion started as band in Madrid in May of 2009. After a few weeks of rehearsals, they decided to record their first demo.

By the end of July of 2009, they finally finish this first demo with three songs that immediately were played on live along with some classic rock version in small gigs in different places in Madrid and some other cities along Spain.

In late August 2010, only a year after of their birth, Sexplosion recorded what will be their debut album "Powerful as Its Name" with nine tracks. The album was recorded and mixed at "Producciones Calle 58" Then Mastered by Nick Litwin Mastering Mansion studios.

The release of this album would not appear until March 2011, some weeks after their performance in Madrid opening for the English band Tigertailz in their Spanish tour.

The band had also the opportunity to play in two editions of Euskal Metal Fest with this album.

RAFA BASA - "Powerful as Its Name... Just like tis little prays"

SAINTS & SINNERS - "...from Sunset Boulevard... sorry, from Madrid comes this excellent Hard Rock & Roll band. Worthy heiress of the 80's scene"

4 ALL METAL - "Afire is just one of nine powerful stabs taken from this good album "Powerful as Its name"

METAL SYMPHONY - "vibrate with their stale guitars and dirty sound, even the though production is impeccable."

METAL THUNDER - "... personally, had not heard an album that good from a rookie band in a long time"

NOISE ZONE - "Absolutely electrifying...! Hard guitars, dirty while neat, contagious and insinuating album"

Almost three years later, in December 2014 Sexplosion released their second album "Swallow N' Shut Up??" under the label Warner Music. Recorded once again in the studios Calle 58. Mixed by Alex Gilson and Nate Zensen, and Mastered by Steve Corrao at Sage Audio Studios in Nashville Tennessee.

Sexplosion had the opportunity to present this second album once again on Live in different cities all around Spain and this time, teh band were able to go far beyond its Country borders visiting some cities in Germany.

"This isn't perfect by a long way so don't expect them to be knocking HCSS or Crashdiet off of their pedestals yet but Sexplosion bring exuberance, passion and some kick ass songs to life through their blatant love of what they've created and no doubt, what they are."

"Swallow N' Shut Up??" "wastes impudence, intensity and eagerness to eat the world. Based on good themes, an excellent interpretation and an overflowing energy that hooks from the first listening. In addition, the superb sound achieved in the album helps greatly to enjoy this work."

"Definitely, this "Swallow N' Shut Up??" is a clear step forward in the career of Sexplosion, with a final product very loaded with Rock, power, with a clear American sound and quality, electricity and attitude"

"...By the way, fantastic album cover, visually attractive and with that point between provocative and unpleasant that every good rock record must have, that does not leave you indifferent, good work for the people of Rock Custom!"

The single "Bitch House" were chosen to be played in the program schedule of KPLX Power XR of Los Angeles California (USA) on March 2018 (Video

The second single "Just Fight" have won an award from the Akademia Musik Award of Los Angeles California (USA) in January 2016 as Best Song of Hard Rock (Video

The band had the opportunity to share the stage the stage with bands like The Poddles, Lizzy Borden, BaiBang, Tigertailz and Graham Bonet Band among others, and taking part on Metal Norte Fest, Euskal Metal Fest, Blackout Fest.

The band is currently getting ready for what will be their third studio work. During this year, they have not left the Stage, giving great live sessions with different "set list" that include songs from their two previous albums.

Keep on Rocking!!!

                   G.Starless                               Juan Capilla                            Raul Jimenez                              Fabs Tejeda

        (vocals and lead guitar)                        (drums)                                 (lead guitar)                                   (bass)

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